Hi! We're
Charles, Alba and Javier

We are the creators of crypto art projects MIOTAURS, IOTAPETS, RektPunks, MNFT labs, Bored Robot, Mutant Robot and Azeronauts.

Enjoy the best.

Mirum is a Latin word meaning extraordinary, amazing or remarkable. We chose Mirum Labs as our company name because it reflects our vision of delivering extraordinary NFTs to extraordinary people.


Current collections, visit the one you are interested in to learn more about its characteristics.


10K unique collectible characters with GNFT SEAL. Animated and static. (IOTA)



Bored Robot Private Club

10K unique collectible characters. (IOTA)

Mutant Robot Monster Club

Limited Premium Collection. (IOTA)

The RektPunks

3K unique collectible  RektPunks. (IOTA)


 Azeronauts is an exclusive collection of 1000 NFTs. (AZERO)

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